Finishing high school in Oklahoma at 16, Ray Clark completed a semester of college at Oklahoma State University before enlisting in the Army to be a paratrooper.

He married, became the father of three children, finished college in the army, became a Regular Army officer, attended Ranger School, Jungle Warfare School, the army’s rotary wing and fixed wing flight schools and other training programs. He served two one-year tours in Vietnam flying helicopters and leading troops. At the rank of captain, he was a student at the US Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas when he resigned from the Army in 1973. Mr Clark became a commodity broker and stock broker in Atlanta, Georgia where he resided before relocating to Nashville, Tennessee in 1987. Continuing to advise traders he started his own trading business in 2000. He retired that business in 2011 to finish his recently published book about flying helicopters in Vietnam, Just Let Me Walk Away. Single, Mr Clark resides in Nashville where he dances ballroom and plays golf. A prolific writer of poetry, he is writing his next book,
‘Things I Know, or Think I Do.’




(615) 383-1980
Nashville, TN