The Invisible Link

There is an invisible and unbreakable thread tying us to everyone we have ever loved.  It trails behind us like a tail on a kite.  It is when we refuse to acknowledge its existence that it makes us wobble in our path.

When we have loved another, a tie to that person remains. That is not to say that the relationship is, could be, or ever will be as it was—only that a thread exists that holds that person in our realm of being. Does this mean we still love them? In the sense that we as humans love all other humans, yes.  Admire, respect, appreciate, and shower our personal blessings of love on them? Probably not. But our experience with them remains and often influences our behavior. If we acknowledge those past injuries and hurts, they tend to lose their power over us. We can own those experiences rather than be tossed about by them.


Ray Kenneth Clark

February 5 ·

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