Another of my “Anniversaries”

It’s funny this happened on Valentines Day. I was flying a D model Huey helicopter in Vietnam and had landed in an open area with trees to my right and a river crossing in front of me. The troops were unloading my second helicopter that had landed in a safer area inside the trees but were leaving me completely unattended. I was really ticked and was venting to the pilot with me…

“Damn, I don’t like sittin’ out here in the open. Those little
bastards will lay some fire on you if you sit out in the open like this
very long. This is not a good idea. What in the hell are they waiting
Now unloaded, the other helicopter lifted off out of the clearing.
I was really angry now. “Look at that! Look at that! They’ve already
unloaded him! I’ll tell you what those sorry bastards are doing. The
sons-a-bitches are too damn lazy to walk over here and carry this
stuff 30 feet. They’re waiting until he leaves the clearing, and now
they expect us to move over there and land in that clearing so they
don’t have to walk, while we’re sittin’ over here with our asses
hanging out. Well, fuck them! I’m not about to move over there.
We’ll sit right here, by God, till hell freezes over! Jesus Christ. This
is really stupid.”
“Gunslinger 3-6, this is 6 Alpha. You’re sitting in a minefield.
You wanna move over here?”
Instant attitude adjustment. I may never have spoken with a
sweeter tone. “3-6. Well, sure, I’ll be right over.”
Everything else was forgotten. My intention was simply to get
the hell out of there. I pulled in power and lifted off.
The explosion was deafening…

from Just Le Me Walk Away…

We went for a little swim in the river…actually just waded out. The Huey did not function well as a boat.

Ray Kenneth Clark

February 14 ·

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