Benghazi Stand-Down Order

TV news reported today that General Dempsey said the order to stand down (that is, to do nothing) in the Benghazi affair was not given. Instead, the order was to stay in Tripoli and receive casualties. Well, la-de-da. Since when do our fighting men and women stay in garrison and “receive casualties” when American officials who have little or no means to protect themselves are in danger of losing their lives? There are medical people who take care of casualties. Our fighters go out and inflict casualties on the enemy. They go out and prevent their brothers and sisters from becoming casualties. America, yes, America left her own in Benghazi to fight and die with nothing. No one went for them. No one! Why? Who gave that order to not go and why was it given?

Military people follow orders. Military officers tell the truth—always. It is drilled into them from their first day of training. Leaders have to know that when an officer reports a thing, anything, in battle, that the truth is being told. Stress, fear, pain, shock, none of that matters—the truth must be told. Lives and the outcomes of battles depend on it. So you can bet your boots that when Gen Dempsey speaks what he says is so. It is also known that the military is under control of our civilian government. Please, someone follow that trail.

Ray Kenneth Clark

June 13 · 2 Comments

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  1. David Elkin says:

    Great Ray I just sent this very accurate post to Phil Valentine, my face book and a few others.

    David Elkin 4x World 3x British 7x U.S. National Unsurpassed Overall Triple Crown Grand Champion

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