Christmas Came

It was summer when the army took my daddy away.
Mama said it was our family way
To serve our country in time of war
That real men stand up and do their part and more.

Christmas came and I was four
I was looking for Santa when some army men came to the door
As they left Mama fell to her knees and cried
They lied, she said, they lied, they lied.

Christmas came and I was five.
Mama, is my daddy alive?
Well, Son, they think he died when you were four.
If Daddy is dead what is Christmas for?

Christmas is there to give us hope
So we know that whatever life brings we can cope.
Christmas is there so we can see
What we can give to life and who we can be.

When I was six Christmas came again
I looked out and saw Santa with some army men.
Mama got real scared
Stood up straight and smoothed her hair.

Shoulders back she walked trembling to the door
Hardly breathing as she crossed the floor.
She opened the door and dropped her comb
Santa brought my daddy home!

Ray Kenneth Clark

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December 11 ·

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