Dad Kevin McCutcheon

We’ve seen photos of the beautiful McCutcheon children on Facebook lately. And so many people know Julie, one of the most lovely and classy women I have met. I don’t think so many of us know Daddy Kevin. If I may, let me tell a small story.

Kevin and I have known each other maybe five years, but not well. Aviation is Kevin’s business so we have a mutual interest. His company is Aviation Solutions in Gallatin, Tn. He even owns a helicopter, among his other aircraft. He was one of the first to buy my book when it came out in October. Read it straight through in about two days, I think he said. He called me on a Saturday morning and invited me for lunch and a helicopter ride. I had not been in a helicopter since I left the army (too many years ago to mention) and I have never, ever felt good about being in any small aircraft where I did not have the controls or access to them.

Nevertheless, I changed my schedule and met him for lunch. And went for a fun and pleasant helicopter ride where he did all the flying, a major, major concession by me. Our lunch was good, but truth is I have had better. The flight was nice, but again, not my best ever. What happened was this:

Kevin McCutcheon treated me with more honor and respect than I have experienced ever in my life time. It was 13 years after I left Vietnam that the first person said to me what is rather common today, “Thank you” (for what you did in Vietnam). Kevin McCutcheon told me again and again that afternoon what an honor it was to have me in his helicopter. He made me feel like royalty. I could not believe how beautifully he treated me. I can tell you he wiped away those 13 years and the many more afterward with his graciousness, kind words, and heart-felt goodness. A beautiful family? You better believe it—from top to bottom.

Ray Kenneth Clark


February 19 ·

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