I Dream Of You

I Dream of You

I dream of you though I know not who you are

You are untouchable but real like a faraway star

Where was I when you were born, or was I at all

Were you made for me, I for you, are you summer to my fall?

Do you know love, do you weep, are you God’s child

Do you wonder, do you dream, does your heart race wild

Do you run, do you yearn, do you ache, are you real or wraith

Can you see, can you be, do you know about faith?

Can you make, can you create, can you build a thing anew

That is what we must do, when you find me and I you

I search for you in the city, in my mind, in the midnight air

One day you will turn to my stare. You will know. I will be there.

Ray Kenneth Clark

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November 17 ·

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