No Goodbyes

It’s an ancient story, new only to each rising generation. Lovers, husbands and wives, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters part in sweet agony as one goes away to war while the other waits.  Here, the young man goes, leaving the love of his life…

Soothe my soul with your gentle kiss
And I will tell you pretty lies
We will both have a bit of bliss
And be on our way with no goodbyes.

She kissed him
Long, sweet, and deep
Sure he was loved
His soul fell softly asleep.

Her look, her touch, her breath on his ear
She was the most beautiful he had ever seen
Yet it was the purity of her heart that took his breath
Left him like a calling bird that suddenly cannot sing.

His thoughts, his words, like sweet poetry
Riding in on the evening wind
Even as he leaves, this night, this time, this being
Must never end.

Clinging to that sweet binding connection
She grew stronger as time went by
She wrote daily; they shared their dreams
Surely he would not die.

As she walked in the darkness
By the water still
There came a chill on the evening wind
And so she knew the bitter pill.

She sent a kiss
Long, sweet, and dear
Blew him a breath
As she felt the first tear.

As he bled in that faraway place on that faraway ground
He felt her look, her touch, her breath on his ear
He reached for her as the light lifted him into eternal bliss
Where sorrow is nil and there is no fear.

Now in the evening she walks by the water still
Listening in the darkness for that faint twinkle to mend
Ah there, sweet poetry
Riding in on the evening wind.

Ray Kenneth Clark

November 21 ·

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