One Fine Day

Joy slipped into my life
No notice, no warning
It was a loving time
With my beautiful woman this morning.

Went to a hole-in-the-wall
For a late breakfast of biscuits and grits
It was simple and country
And better than dining at the Ritz.

Later, reading my poetry and stories aloud
Softly, her gentle refrain
Fingers in my hair
“Please, read it again.”

After she was gone
And at the proper concourse
Mysterious forces pulled me
Straight to the golf course.

After practice and nine holes
With a good friend
I wondered what more happiness
God could send.

Full of resources and of course
Being the One
He gave me dinner
With my son.

A great movie and talk of living
An extraordinary life
Lifts my spirit like a loud march
With drum and fife.

Soft, soothing music on the evening drive home
A sweet bond wrapped a bit tighter
I drop him off and head home
My step livelier and lighter.

If she were here or I were there, or if, or if, or if
Perhaps we could have lived life another way
But that is not my wish, for all in all
I have to say, this was a near perfect day!

Ray Kenneth Clark

February 13 ·

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