The Greatest Gift

Perhaps the greatest gift is to know
To be certain a thing is so
When I know, I can bring many forces to bear
Charge through life with hardly a care.

Ah, to know, that is power
No need for sixty minutes from every hour
Because I know
I need not begin until the perfect time to go.

To know puts me at ease in life
Does away with worry and strife
To know is the greatest gift, is it not?
Is there anything higher, anything that could improve my lot?

Into the fray steps I believe
With no care for certainty it moves forward to achieve
Because I know, I can do
I believe moves, inspires, brings forth the new.

To move beyond I know is essential
I believe sees no limits to human potential
To dwell in a place the mind can only conceive
I must believe.

Always I look for what is so
Then why choose I believe over I know?
I know will tell me where
I believe will take me there.

Ray Kenneth Clark

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November 20 ·

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