The Wicked Few


He taught us love and wisdom
How to live our every day
Society killed him
Determined to take his teaching away.

She showed us leadership and courage
Taught us that a woman is also strong
Society burned her at the stake
Too loud her song.

He literally willed his country together
While at their brothers’ throats they tore
Society shot him dead
That his wisdom and tolerance would live no more.

There were John and Martin and Robert
And countless others throughout time
Too brilliant their music
Was their crime.

A star shines too brightly
A lovely song is too loud
Society’s comfort is threatened
The grand leader is silenced by the crowd.

Oh, but it was not us, we say
It was that wicked few
But there is no wicked nor even saintly few
Only I and me, and you.

Ray Kenneth Clark

March 6 · 1 Comment

One Response

  1. Very true, all is us.. But the programming starts young and is then sustained by us all. Some proffer more than others and will resist change.

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