When Brothers Say Goodbye

Thank God for hellos for life is full of goodbyes. One never forgets a friend who becomes his brother. So on the occasion of my brother’s birthday, to him and the others, I offer this…

For my brother Jerry born on this day
For Bill Hinson who helped me find a better way
For Chuck who was loyal to the end
For Bob who taught me the meaning of friend
For Wesley with whom I went to war
For Charlie who offers me all he has and more
For David who stands by my side
For Justin who reminds me there is no place to hide
For Butch  who always kept his word with me
For all those who have stood tall that I might see.

This is for you…

When Brothers Say Goodbye

When brothers say goodbye
Such poignant wistfulness
Yet no tear in either eye
If only they could cry
When those good brothers
Say goodbye.

Ray Kenneth Clark

February 25 ·

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