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America No Longer Knows How to Fight and Win

How is it that we and our allies won World War II, a massive undertaking, in roughly three and one half years and have since spent ten years in Vietnam, almost ten in Iraq and ten in Afghanistan with no clear victory? The US military is not incompetent. It is inhibited—held back by its civilian …

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You Are So Cute

When I was a kid life was forever. At least being old was so far away I thought I did not have to think about it or consider it. When I was 20 I could only look ahead with anticipation. Spending my first year in Vietnam at 25 and 26 I became acutely aware that …

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Can you sing your song and let anyone hear who may Can you dance when your heart’s been breaking all day? Can you smile when the answer is no Move with purpose when there is nowhere to go? Can you lead when you don’t know the way When acknowledgement is due, will you gladly pay? …

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It Started on a Bench

I was eleven and had never seen so many pretty girls in my life Sitting on a bench with just a bit of room at the end I was surprised when, eyes flashing, a young beauty squeezed in beside me How funny life is. She would be my most loyal and loving life-long friend. She …

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If You Don’t Love Me

Morning time, the sun will wake But there will be no daybreak In afternoon light There will be no sight Come evening, darkness will fall And forever cover us all If you don’t love me.   Ray Kenneth Clark

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On Leadership

From Just Let Me Walk Away… When a man is a leader in combat, he had better be out there taking some of the risks his boys are taking and sharing some of the load. His troops need to know that he understands what they are up against, and he needs to demonstrate some degree …

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The Wicked Few

  He taught us love and wisdom How to live our every day Society killed him Determined to take his teaching away. She showed us leadership and courage Taught us that a woman is also strong Society burned her at the stake Too loud her song. He literally willed his country together While at their …

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Richard W. Clark Age 16

My dad grew up poor in our small town of Jenks, Oklahoma.  Raised by his maternal grandparents, his father, Elza David Clark, disappeared — apparently just walked away — when Dad was four years old.  Dad neither saw nor heard from him ever again. Dad said that when he was “near grown”, some “old timers” …

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One needs a simple or scintillating issue Then lines can be crafted that illuminate and allude. You can call on words for substance or style Communicate your essence with elegance and guile. How cleverly and beautifully done it seems And so you write reams and reams Work all you want; craft as you will If …

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When Brothers Say Goodbye

Thank God for hellos for life is full of goodbyes. One never forgets a friend who becomes his brother. So on the occasion of my brother’s birthday, to him and the others, I offer this… For my brother Jerry born on this day For Bill Hinson who helped me find a better way For Chuck …

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