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Integrity. Really? In today’s world? Are you serious?

Integrity. It’s the foundation you stand on. Old-fashioned? No longer important in this fast, new world? It is the foundation you stand on. It is defined as soundness of moral principle and character; uprightness; honesty. What does that mean? It means you keep your word. It means you speak the truth. Why is integrity so …

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This Face

Growing older is a wonderful thing, especially when one considers the alternative. Growing old is not altogether the same. None of us want to be old except, again, when considering that alternative. I am reminded of the saying, “I want to go to heaven, but not today.” It is easy to consider any age as …

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I give you canvas.  Will you paint? It matters little that you be sinner or saint Life asks, “Will you paint?” You were taught to color between the lines Everything neat, proper and fine But those who bring forth their genius and turn it into life Know there are no boundaries…when you paint. Will you …

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Gun Control, Gun Control

Oh, okay. Let’s quit making cars and trucks too. Or at least severely control their access. You know how many people are killed yearly on our highways? I don’t either but it is a bunch. I can tell you how many have been killed on Tennessee highways this year. 961. Yes, 961. I must say …

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Vietnam…a reporter and a combat helicopter pilot…   When did you learn to fly? Why, just yesterday, as I recall. When will you consent to die? Oh, tomorrow, or the day after, or perhaps not at all. When will you go home? Home?  I have no such thoughts to give. But don’t you want to …

December 14 · READ MORE


He stepped quietly into the saloon, surveyed the room with a glance. There in the corner sat the dirty double-dealing dog they called Cowboy Lance. Body steeled and ready our clear-eyed hero circled warily to the bar. Hands on mahogany he heard that chilling laugh well up from down deep in the dark. He whirled …

December 12 · READ MORE
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