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My Favorite Story For the Season…

  Long ago when Georgia’s rivers were silver, two of them flowed – not far apart- into the great sea.  One cold, gray twilight when the days were short, the wind spoke to the animals and the forest in the land between the rivers. “Tonight,” the wind whispered, “you must stay awake and watch and …

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Christmas Came

It was summer when the army took my daddy away. Mama said it was our family way To serve our country in time of war That real men stand up and do their part and more. Christmas came and I was four I was looking for Santa when some army men came to the door …

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Seven days have I to live Seven days my gifts to give Hard work days one and two Time I could not find to spend with you. Busy am I days three and four Time presses I need more The visit I did not make The call I did not take. Five and six allow …

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