Gun Control, Gun Control

Oh, okay. Let’s quit making cars and trucks too. Or at least severely control their access. You know how many people are killed yearly on our highways? I don’t either but it is a bunch. I can tell you how many have been killed on Tennessee highways this year. 961. Yes, 961. I must say that was yesterday’s figure. Not having been on the interstate system today in Nashville, I cannot say 961 is still accurate. You see, in Nashville our state government has decided to keep us all apprised of the daily body count from traffic accidents. Get on the interstate system here and about every two miles or so, which means maybe every one to three minutes, drivers are treated to the current traffic body count. So all of us, every time we see those signs, quickly reduce speed so as not to be the next one killed. That is what the signs admonish: Don’t Be Next! Never mind the constant depressing downer of being bombarded by this ultra-pessimistic statistic. Why did I never think of having my employees blasted with such negativity on their way to work every morning? And on their way home to their families…and to church…and the movies…

So I say ban all auto traffic and surely no one will be killed on the highway. That makes as much sense as banning guns. Let’s get real about weapons. Assault rifles belong on the field of battle where one is defending his country—nowhere else I can think of. If you can’t shoot a deer, if that is your thing, with a single shot from your hidden, elevated ambush site in the woods, that deer should win. End of story. Want a weapon to protect your family? You probably will never need one, but if you do, there will be no time to go looking for help. Do not get a hand gun to protect yourself or your family. Too easy to miss. Get a shot gun. You are not likely to miss with a shotgun no matter your inexperience with weapons.

That being said, guns kill people. They are awful—except when you, or your child, or young friend beside you are about to be killed or otherwise destroyed. Then a weapon is a nice thing to have. Down right irreplaceable as a matter of fact. So what do we do about the idiots and criminals who perform these inexplicable, heinous acts with firearms? Given that the human species has shown a ceaseless propensity to eliminate the precious life of his fellow man, maybe it is a losing battle. Maybe the killing can never be stopped. But truth is, I don’t believe that. The good fights, the right things to do, cannot be abandoned or not attempted because the hill is so steep we cannot see the top. We must mobilize. We must plan. We must drive forward. And we must persevere until the killing of our fellow man stops, whether it be in a school or on a battlefield.

Where to begin? How about the video games that teach our children from their beginnings the false and obscene so-called glory of killing another? How about the media that perpetuates and bombards everyone endlessly with stories of rape, robbery and murder? Oh, not our fault, the networks say. The public demands it. Well, where are your demands, those of you in charge of the networks? Stand up, America, stand up.

Ray Kenneth Clark

December 17 ·

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