Integrity. Really? In today’s world? Are you serious?

Integrity. It’s the foundation you stand on. Old-fashioned? No longer important in this fast, new world? It is the foundation you stand on. It is defined as soundness of moral principle and character; uprightness; honesty. What does that mean? It means you keep your word. It means you speak the truth. Why is integrity so important as long as I get the job done?

Want a great life? Keep your word. When you say you will do something, anything, do it—all the time. Always. Do it. Even if no one knows about it but you, do it. Even if there is no known consequence of not doing it, do it. Do what you say you will do as a way of living and the world will begin to align with you. What if something happens on occasion and I do not do what I said I would do? Acknowledge what you did or did not do. Go to the person or persons involved and repair the damage done by your not keeping your word. No one of us is perfect. You will screw up from time to time. So know that and constantly clean up around yourself by repairing the damage done when you have not kept your word. Does this mean I don’t really need to keep my word all the time? No. It means you are human and therefore need to be able to quickly correct your mistakes. Cleaning up can be as important as not making the mistake in the first place. Want that great life? Keep your word. What about telling the truth?

Tell the truth. Those around you must know that when you speak, what you say is so. For what is so, is the essence of truth. If you are in a life or death situation and others are depending on you, what you say must be so. It is no less important to your well-being that you be equally adamant about telling the truth when the situation has little-to-no consequence. So who will be injured if you don’t tell the truth when no one else is involved? You will. Telling the truth, always, strengthens your character and further aligns your being with the world around you. It solidifies your position in life. But who cares about all that as long as I am getting the job done?

You care. Because you know that telling the truth and keeping your word are the essence of integrity. And you will not continue to get the job done unless you operate from a position of integrity. If your operation runs impeccably for a long period and suddenly goes into a tailspin for no obvious reason, do not immediately begin looking for someone to fire. First check the integrity of the operation and that of all involved, including yourself. That usually holds the answer. So keep your word and tell the truth. Repair damage done and clean up around yourself when you don’t. You need not feel that living this way is a burden. It is far from that. It will clear your path and bring light, confidence, and joy into your life.

Ray Kenneth Clark

January 3 ·

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