I give you canvas.  Will you paint?
It matters little that you be sinner or saint
Life asks, “Will you paint?”

You were taught to color between the lines
Everything neat, proper and fine
But those who bring forth their genius and turn it into life
Know there are no boundaries…when you paint.

Will you set up your canvas when you sing your song
Will you make your colors glorious and deep
Will you allow your senses to run freely with no restraint
Create beauty as only you know beauty to be
Will you paint?

You must reach farther than your body will go
Move beyond thinking…allow thought to flow
Can you see the brilliant hues in the color white?
Can you hear what you see?  See what you hear?
Can you be a child?  Does your heart run wild?
Will you paint?

When one day you leave this earth and meet your Maker
I doubt He will ask of your wealth
The conversation will be lovely I’m sure
As angels cater your every whim
And somewhere in there
You will hear it from Him
“Did you paint?”

Ray Kenneth Clark

December 19 ·

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